Readathon Hour 7 Mini Challenge

Kate from posted this Mini Challenge for hour 7: Share a Memory that involves a book you read!

Here’s my reply:

My favorite book memory comes from a trip to the library with my mom.  William Shatner had just written Tek War and the library was shelving a copy, so it was laying on this cart they use.  My mom noticed it and knowing how much of a Trekkie I am, pulled me over to read the jacket.  I did, but disdained it.  But I kept coming back to it and looking it over.  Finally, just as we’re getting ready to go, I grab it and get it checked out.  Turns out I LOVED the book!  I couldn’t wait for the next one, and I never ignored another of my mom’s book suggestions again!  We may not always agree on liking a book or not, but she has great tastes in reading material, I think!