Readathon Hour 21 Mini Challenge

JMill Wanders asked: All you need to do is tell me your favorite book, bookish quote, or anything bookish that can be made into a cross stitch pattern, and tell me why you love this book/quote/bookish thing.

My Reply: Honestly, I’d love to see the quote “Time is the fire in which we burn.” done as a cross stitch!  It would have the word time done in Metallic Gold, and burn done in vivid red.  The rest of the words would be black, and there would be a pocket watch above the quote, done in metallic gold and black, with a white clock face.  The watch would be set to a random time.  The quote is from Star Trek: Generations, which had a movie novelization done of it.  The quote has always spoken to me and I use it for my e-mail and forum signature often!