Library Love Challenge Review: Treachery in Death by J.D. Robb


For me, this breathed new life into a series that can go stale in an instant, if the author were to start repeating story lines, which she did here to an extent.  However, with this book, she did the corruption on a much larger scale and made it more personal to Eve.  It is through that personal connection that we get a good look at just how much being a cop means to Eve.  As usual, we get “face” time with most of the recurring characters, and even a surprise visit from a character we haven’t seen since Eve’s visit to Olympus station.  The twist there was an interesting surprise, and one I really wasn’t expecting.  It was very cool to see how Eve reacted to that twist, even though she’s not directly in contact with the people involved in the twist!  All things considered, it was a very well written installment in the series, and one I was sorry to see end!

5 stars out of 5