24in48 Readathon Review: Rock Addiction by Nalini Singh

My measuring stick for every Rock and Roll Romance has always been Olivia Cunning’s Backstage Pass, and more often than not the books I’ve found since then haven’t measured up to that book. Until now. This story was just as emotional, just as riveting as that one. My only complaint was that the sex was a bit overdone in this story, but I could see why the author chose to include it as much as she did.

I really liked Fox and Molly as individuals and as a couple. They were flawed, which only served to make them more realistic to me. They were relationship broken, in my terms, but they wound up healing old wounds and became a strong couple because of all that they healed and went through.

The secondary characters were well written and interesting, making me interested in seeking out their books as well!

This was my first introduction to this author, but with how well written this was, I might go back on my “No paranormal romance” taboo and check out her other series!

4 stars out of 5