Library Love Challenge Review: The Dollmaker by Amanda Stevens

I’d never heard of this author before, so when I had some of her Graveyard Queen series picked for a challenge for me, I decided I’d sit down with one of her standalones first to see if I liked her writing style, but unfortunately, my hunch was correct, and I didn’t care for her at all.

This book was extremely boring! The plot really dragged and felt like it was being drug out for length. I couldn’t care about the characters and found Claire the heroine to be a whiny get. Yes, you had a kid abducted, but you had to be a heck of a lot stronger than this woman seemed! She came off as a delicate flower, rather than a mama that would stop at nothing to know what happened to her child! Dave gave off the self-absorbed a-hole vibe, rather that a hardened cop that would bust butt to discover why tragedy had struck his family.

The creepy factor was the only thing that saved this from me DNFing it or a 1 star rating. I rather enjoyed the serial killer angle and could see glimmers of what others really enjoy this author for in it. Sadly, it’s not enough to save the author for me and I doubt I’ll be reading her again.

2 stars out of 5


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