Release Day Blitz: First Command: Line of Battle No. 1 by W.P Brothers

I am very pleased to announce the release of a brand new book series, with a very unique author!  Check it out below!



Kim Morden should be elated. Not only has her fleet commander promoted her to captain, but he’s given her command of the RAS Verdun, a great honor for any up-and-coming officer, especially one whose career had such a rocky, deadly start. However, no honor can conceal Morden’s disappointment when she discovers that her first assignment will be a routine mission to search for missing cargo ships in Derek’s Triangle, a worthless, backwater sector outside Alliance control. Such a mundane mission is hardly appropriate for a ship of the line when the Milipa Empire is closing in around the Alliance, and Morden wonders whether command has forgotten or forgiven her past after all.

Morden’s irritation grows when she discovers that her new second-in-command is none other than Emma Holsey, an old friend turned enemy. Morden hasn’t seen Holsey in ten years, but the hatred and blame between them flares back to life. Holsey fights Morden’s every decision, hell-bent on making her first mission as miserable as possible. But when the search takes a terrifying turn and uncovers a sinister threat in the Triangle, Morden and Holsey must put their personal feud on hold if they’re to stand any chance of getting themselves and their crew home alive…

About the author:


I have been in love with science fiction since before I can remember. Consuming a steady diet of Star Trek, Star Wars, and Babylon 5, I filled my imagination with stories of adventure, courage, and heroism in outer space and on strange, unexplored worlds. Like any self-respecting American child, I turned entertainment into inspiration and spent countless hours drawing spaceships, creating heroes and villains, and putting them through many outrageous escapades with my two brothers, Alec and Benjamin. As I got older, I began to write these stories down. In middle school, while my peers were confiding to their diaries, I was keeping a Trek-inspired captain’s log. Nerd? No, my friend. Dedicated.

As a young man in high school and college, I began to wonder if I could take these stories to the next level and share them with others in the form of short stories or books. You see, if science fiction was one of my great loves, reading was another. Whether I was reading J.R.R Tolkien’s The Hobbit, Fitzgerald’s Great Gatsby, or Robert Heinlein’s Tunnel in the Sky, I was happy if I had my nose buried in a book. I loved the ability of fiction to transport readers to exotic places and teach lessons about life. Could I combine my childhood adventures with my passion for reading and turn it into something worthwhile?

While attending Ithaca College in Ithaca, NY, I developed my creative skills with a B.S. in Cinema and Photography, and graduated with a head full of stories and fierce determination to share them. Today, I write military science fiction novels while living and working in the beautiful, colorful state of Colorado. First Command, the first novel in my Line of Battle series, is the start of what I hope will be a long line of the kind of exciting books I always love to read. Of course, there’s more to life than reading and writing. My other passions include photography, fine cooking, competition target shooting, military history, and hiking and camping with my friends and family in the beautiful Rocky Mountains.

I love to hear from readers. You can reach me on my website, or you can connect with me on Facebook. Until then, happy reading!

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