Purchase/NetGalley Publisher Review: So Right by Darcy Burke

I was rather disappointed in this book! Both Luke and Kelsey were introverts, which made it hard for me to connect to them, and hard for a relationship to really get started between these two. Compounding this issue is the fact that Kelsey had been abused by an ex-boyfriend and she wasn’t being forthcoming about it with Luke, which had him making blunders that reminded her of her ex. I get that she didn’t really want to date, but she was sending enough mixed signals to make ME confused,never mind Luke! The historical aspect took some interesting turns, but there wasn’t enough of that plot thread there to keep me interested in the book. Thankfully, it was a quick read, and while I plan on finishing out the series, I worry as to how interested I’ll be in the next book.

2 stars out of 5