Library Love Challenge Review: Sacred Evil by Heather Graham

I’ve been reading through these, and most of the time I find myself justifying a round up to 3 stars on each book. Not so on this one!

The story was patently unbelievable! The Krewe of Hunters is called in WAY too early on, the media jump to the Jack the Ripper conclusion entirely too quickly, and I thought that the romance was mostly ignored for the entire book, which made the talk of Jude and Whitney being a couple at the end of the book totally laughable!

The plot was full of red herrings, and it seemed as though the cops didn’t have clue one about what was going on. The villains were a surprise, but with a weak plot bogged down in too many twists, by the time we got to the reveal, I found I really didn’t care one way or the other about it. I was actually relieved when I finished this book!

Extra points given for using the “Jack the Ripper in America” theory, but if the group I’m reading this series with decides to ditch it, I’ll be eagerly joining them!

2 stars out of 5


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