First Command: Line of Battle No. 1 by W.P. Brothers Review

I was recommended this book by one of my Facebook groups, and when I learned some of the backstory of the author, I was actually looking forward to reading it.  However, the book ended up leaving me a bit underwhelmed.

My biggest complaint about this story was its overwhelming attention to detail.  It made the story unnecessarily verbose and ultimately ended up bogging down the plot, giving the actual story an extremely slow start.  This detail attention even slowed the action sequences down and broke the flow of the situations, effectively jarring me out of “readerspace”.

In addition to the plot issues, the characters seemed either obsessed with their pasts or tacked on, and all the characters seemed a bit 2 dimensional in general.  Alongside that, character development as the story went on felt somewhat predictable, making it difficult for me to care about them or form a connection with them.

By this point, you may be wondering why the book earned a 3 star rating from me, when I’ve got all these issues with the book overall.  What I ultimately enjoyed about the book was the themes presented in the story.  This was a story of redemption, pride, and self-discovery.  The idea of redemption was the theme that resonated the most with me, as if despite any personal tragedy or disaster that happened could be recovered from.  It was something I really needed to hear at this point in my life!

All things considered, this was a decent first effort from the author, and I would be interested in seeing how this author refines their craft in further installments.

3 stars out of 5