Library Love Challenge Review: Start Me Up by Victoria Dahl

I have to admit, I had a lot of reservations about this one. After intensely disliking the first book, I abandoned the entire series, but the need for a geek/nerd romance drove me to reading this story. I have to say, it was an entertaining story, but not a very interesting one.

Lori drove me absolutely crazy with all her “I’m a wrong side of the tracks girl” mentality. I also hated how she was perfectly ok with using Quinn, but not wanting anything messy like a relationship, because her life was already too messy. Um, hello? Like Claire said in the movie Letters to Juliet: “Life is the messy bits!”.

Quinn was cute, in an absent-minded puppy dog kind of way. I didn’t really understand why Lori put up with his absentmindedness, when so many other women just couldn’t. The other part about him was that we didn’t really KNOW him. We got so much about Lori, but only dribs and drabs about him.

The suspense sub-plot was kind of childishly done, as it was pretty easy to figure out who did it all and why. It really felt unnecessary.

All things considered, this second chance for this author turned into a last chance. I didn’t see anything worth continuing on with the author’s works in this book, so I think it is a case of I don’t fit into her type of writing.

3 stars out of 5