Library Love Challenge Review: Thrown for a Curve by Sugar Jamison

, so I missed out on a couple of the nuances of the story, but that really wouldn’t have mattered.  This book was very annoying to me!

Cherri constantly whined about how unlovable she was, how tall she was, how {insert issue here} she was, as if all she could do was whine.  I also hated Colin, and how he was too old for Cherri, as if age actually matters in this day and age!  Yet, he didn’t approve of anyone Cherri tried to date!  I had a hard time believing in their romance, let alone the fact that neither of them didn’t think of using protection!

The story was mildly interesting and kept me entertained while I read it, but I just wasn’t that impressed with this story.  While I considered quitting the series, I do own the rest of it, so I’ll finish it at some point, though I will not rush to do so.

2 stars out of 5