Library Love Challenge: Riot by Jamie Shaw

After reading and enjoying Mayhem, I knew I wanted to read the rest of the series, so I added myself to the waiting list for this story. When it came in, I wasn’t able to dive right into it, but the anticipation of this was so much greater than my actual enjoyment of it!

This book is a perfect example of why I avoid New Adult Romances. Reading this story was like I was on a roller coaster, alternating between frustration and pleasure. I was rather disappointed with both Joel and Dee as characters. I didn’t like the way they played games with each other’s hearts and how they acted like they didn’t take one another seriously. Dee’s issues and tragedies felt contrived and forced into the story, all for the sake of angst! Joel’s issues were much more believable, but his inability to define the relationship he had with Dee was extremely frustrating to me!

All things considered, this was an entertaining story, but not a great one.

3 stars out of 5