Recent Library Love Posts

I got very lax over the past couple of weeks regarding my reviews, to the point where I had well over ten books to review at one point!  Rather than flood everyone’s inboxes/feeds with tons of review posts, I’m going to provide links to my recent reads, so you can find them on Goodreads if it sounds like it would interest you.


My previous library reads have already been reviewed here, and I’m hoping to do better going forward, as I have a few more library reads checked out for this month!


2 thoughts on “Recent Library Love Posts

  1. Oh, this is a good idea. I’ve been dragging my feet on posting because I’m so many reviews behind. But perhaps dumping them all in a single post will help me get started over and back at it!


    1. Glad my idea could help a bit! That’s just the Library Challenge I’m in–I was actually 12 reviews in total behind! Feels good to have gotten caught up! I hope you can catch up soon!


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