Library Love Challenge Review: My Heart Belongs in Fort Bliss, Texas by Erica Vetsch

This is not my first foray into books of this nature, but this is my first time with this particular author. I’ll admit, I was a bit hesitant to start this series, and this was not a good introduction for me overall.

I truly hated Priscilla as a heroine! She had so many assumptions when she first arrived at Fort Bliss, and was so certain she knew what was best for her niece and nephew, despite the fact that she was almost a perfect stranger to them! Watching her attitudes change was akin to pulling teeth, that’s how much her beginnings colored the book for me.

Elliot was trying to do the best he could with the children in a less than ideal circumstance, but it seemed like he was just as rigid and condescending as Priscilla herself! I get that this was to create tension in the book, but I found their verbal sparring boring and uninspired.

I did like the characterization of the secondary characters in the book, and the descriptions of Army Fort life during that time period, so the book earned an extra star because of them. While the series is off to a rocky start, I am willing to continue with it, as the subsequent books are written by different authors. I just know I’ll be avoiding this one in the future.

2 stars out of 5