Library Love Review: Her Kind of Trouble by Sarah Mayberry

Her Kind of Trouble by Sarah Mayberry

This was my first introduction to this author, and I wasn’t that impressed by it. Vivian and Seth had a one night stand when their siblings were getting married to each other. Life moved on and ten years later, they both are back in town, each of them having done some growing while apart. However, now Seth is having a baby with a woman who is too young for him, and the timing still isn’t right for him to get together with Vivian. Then we get another twist and stuff happens that I won’t spoil that allows the two of them to get together. Problem was, I barely felt or could get into the romance. I had a hard time connecting to either Seth or Vivian! They both seemed very shallow! Their relationship felt rushed, and also kinda skeezy due to the timing of when they do hook up again. I found this to be a very average read, and I am in no hurry to read anything else by the author.

2 stars out of 5