Library Love Challenge Review: Unfixable by Tessa Bailey

Unfixable by Tessa Bailey

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I was actually rather surprised by this book! Normally, I am not a fan of New Adult Romances, but this one actually had me caring about the characters and their problems. I could actually relate to some of what Willa was going through, and Shane immediately drew me in to wondering why he was such a grump. Their relationship was actually extremely well developed for how quickly it formed, it was also very believable as well. I was cheering for them by the end of the story! While this book is a bit on the short side, the story does not suffer for it, as it felt like the readers get a fully fleshed out and cohesive story. While I got this from the library on a recommendation, I will definitely be looking to pick up a copy!

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