Union of Sin by Eden Summers Book Review

Union of Sin
Union of Sin by Eden Summers

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I was hoping that this book would be better than the previous book in the series, but I was sadly mistaken, as this story had even more issues than that previous story!

Tate/T.J. is a complete jerk! He thinks he knows best, so he acts in a way to “spare” his wife from feeling guilty. His method of doing so? A divorce, with no real explanation to her as to the reason why. It was as if he thought Cassie was a sexually submissive slave, instead of a partner in their marriage, though it is never actually labeled as such. I couldn’t believe that he thought her so weak that she couldn’t handle the truth, and yet his actions caused her transformation into a more dominant woman, one who goes after what she wants, which was him. His actions were totally unbelievable, and his beliefs unrealistic.

Cassie’s not without her own problems, though. I found it hard to believe that she’d want to be that taken care of and not want to do for herself in the long run. I also couldn’t believe that she’d insist on not reporting the incident at the first sex club, even if it meant opening their relationship up to public scrutiny. However, I did like seeing her grow as a woman as the month wore on and she tried to win Tate back.

This book also gave us more insight into the club as well as Leo and Shay’s relationship from the previous book in the series, which I did enjoy reading. It was good to see Shay settling down a bit and growing into her relationship with Leo. Brute was also in this book, and I think he is the best of the three owners of the club. I am eager to read his story!

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