My Rating System

After seeing something similar on another blog I follow, I thought it might be a good idea if I posted something like it here on my own blog, just because I do review books on here as well!

5 stars = Awesome! I’m going to recommend you as much as I can!

There’s just something about you, dear book…I loved everything about you!  I couldn’t put you down, and even when I forced myself to, you were haunting my thoughts! You didn’t just entertain me, you seriously moved me!  I’m going to be enthusiastically recommending you in my various reading groups! Thank you for the pleasure of reading you!

4 Stars = Great! But once around the block is enough for me.

You’re a great book, but you didn’t come alive for me.  Your characters and your story were definitely enjoyable. You didn’t move me on an epic scale, but you did greatly entertain me.  You are definitely going on my list of books to recommend if asked for a recommendation you might fit into.

3 Stars = Good effort.

You entertained me, but there were some problems.  Reading you was a positive experience overall, but I don’t think I know or remember exactly why, because you’re the forgettable kind.  Your writing might have gotten in the way of your story, or you might have had characters that I didn’t like or couldn’t relate to. I might recommend you as a last resort to people asking for recommendations, but I’ll let them know I hesitate to recommend you.

2 Stars = You leave me wishing I had my time invested back.

I don’t hate you, but I didn’t enjoy reading you either. You had promise, but somewhere along the way it got lost. Your plot was predictable, your characters boring or offensive to a degree, your author’s writing ruined your story somehow. Because of you, I’ll probably think twice before I read anything else by your author.

1 Star = What the heck did I just read?!?

I really hated you, you awful book! If I had it my way, no one else would ever read you again!  I gave you my time, and you took it, giving me no enjoyment in return. Your plot was cheesy, your characters majorly offensive, your writing was grammatically incorrect. You bored me to tears, so much that I had to keep from throwing you or my reading device out the window!  I had to fight to keep from putting you in my Did Not Finish pile!  There is no way I’d recommend you, or take a second chance on your author again!

Did Not Finish

For whatever reason, you were a book I just couldn’t get into!  You didn’t grab me, you bored me, I found you grossly offensive, any or all of these could apply to you, you poor book, and I didn’t want to waste any of my time on you.  These books might get mentioned on the blog, but will mostly go on a shelf in my Goodreads profile.