My Review Policy


If you are an author, marketing firm, or publisher interested in having me review your book, please contact me at Make sure to read the guidelines below first!


  • I am willing to consider posts for book reviews, promotions for upcoming releases, and Author FAQs, for authors I have read previously.  Indie Author Requests will be considered on a case by case basis.
  • I am mainly interested in the Romance genre, so submissions should come from that genre and its sub-genres.  Serial novels/novellas (defined by this reader as stories that follow the same main characters over several books that usually end suddenly or with a cliffhanger) will be considered, so long as the entire serial is offered for review, with full understanding that serial novels/novellas are not typically enjoyed by this reader and could result in a lowered star rating because of it.  Children’s, Young Adult, Mystery, Fantasy, and Science Fiction requests will be considered on a case by case basis.  Books related to homeschooling, cooking, or crocheting will also be considered.  All other submissions not meeting these genres/guidelines will be refused.
  • If the book you’re interested in having me review is part of a series (defined by this reader as a group of books set around some type of theme or location, with differing main characters in each book), please let me know up front!  I am obsessive enough to read all prior books of a series before reading upcoming installments, but will happily try to fit the entire series in to my reading schedule before reading the book in question, if I am able to do so.
  • I believe in honest reviews, so I will post negative reviews of your submission as I see fit, in the time frame of my choosing.  Generally speaking, I try to get a review of an ARC up during it’s release week, but sometimes it’s within the release month after the actual release date.  If you’re only looking to pad your ratings on Amazon, BookBub, or GoodReads, I am not the reviewer for you!  Any entity that causes me to be attacked personally, has their street team bury my review, or asks that I not review the book on my posting sites at a time of my choosing because my review does not meet a minimum star rating threshold (ie only 3 or 4 star reviews and above) will no longer have their offerings welcomed for my consideration for review, once all my current obligations with that entity have been completed.
  • If for some reason, I am unable to finish your book, I will contact you as soon as I know that I am unable to do so.  The book will be shelved DNF on my GoodReads profile, and could possibly be mentioned on this blog.  Any book marked Did Not Finish will not be reviewed on Amazon or BookBub!
  • My main posting site is GoodReads, and I cross post to this blog.  I will also post to Amazon or BookBub upon request.  If you use NetGalley or Edelweiss+ to provide an e-ARC, I will review on that site as well.  Please keep in mind that I will post the same review on Amazon that I do on my blog, so it could possibly be a negative review that I post!
  • I will generally review your book within one month of submission, however I will take special requests for specific dates into consideration.  All Book Requests to reserve a space on my review calendar will be considered within one week of submission.
  • I prefer submissions to be in Kindle format, but will also accept PDFs and print copies.  Print copies will be reviewed within one month of date of delivery!  Please e-mail me for address for print copy submissions.
  • If you would like me to post an book promo post or Author FAQ with the review, please let me know, and include an HTML formatted pre-made post.